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A Ham Museum?

This was a wonderful Sydney day documenting Sydney butter genius Pierre Issa of Pepe Saya visiting a few of his favourite restaurants, cafés and providores in the latest VW Jetta.

First stop was Pepe Saya in Tempe for a photo of Pierre with the Jetta and one of his branded VW vans. Once a nearby location was sorted we had the excellent luck of having one of the more high profile Pepe Saya clients, Qantas, fly over the shoot.

Next stop was Iggy’s Bread in Bronte, simply as good as bread gets in Sydney and having had Bourke Street Bakery as my neighbour for 10 years I’m very fussy. The other benefit of a visit to Iggy’s is it’s at Bronte and Bronte is stunning.

Lunch was put on for us at the very french Bitton café and bistro at Alexandria. Located across the road from Erskinville Park on a sunny day Bitton is always a good idea.

Straight after lunch we head for Kogarah and the the food temple that is Pino’s Dolce Vita. I was slack jawed when I walked in here for the first time. They cure their own meat and installed a glass wall on the curing room. I was a little overwhelmed and completely delighted as it looked like a ham museum. The produce at Pino’s in amazing and the cherry on top is the great coffee.

We finish the day at 10 WIlliam Street in Paddington. A special way to finish the day, suddenly you are on holiday in Italy.


10 WIlliam Street

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